Welcome to DataFon.

If you or your company have data which you want to be able to view on your mobile device (i.e your Fon) then DataFon could be for you. If you do not have the resources to have a custom application developed but still want to have the advantages of being able to access your data from your device then DataFon is for you. Using DataFon you get the advantages or dynamic reports which you can easily tailor to your specific needs.

  • Download and install the DataFon Designer on your Windows box.
  • Install the DataFon app from the AppStore.
  • Register your details and create your account.
  • Login to your account on the Designer and start creating your reports.
  • Identify your XML data sources and create your reports around these.
  • Once you are happy with your report save it to the cloud.
  • Open up the DataFon app and see your reports running on your mobile device.


  • No Coding. No Hassle.
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Wireframe Preview


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